Tuesday, 20 July 2010


One of the things I like about the UK comics scene is that there's a lot of cross platform things going on, basically you can buy a print comic and discover it's originally a webcomic or vice versa. I've been following Japanofail online for a few years now and it is hilarious! I wasn't going to turn down the chance of buying it in dead tree format, thus supporting the artist, I now own both issue 1 (bought at last years MCM Expo) issue 2 (just bought this year) and a comic titled D.R.U.N.K. (which I am about to start reading) by the same artist. Now some of you might react badly to the art but it works, the loose, crazy style basically makes the puns, jokes and funnies better! It compliments them. It was originally conceived as something that could be drawn in the shortest amount of time possible, I think for a while MS Paint was involved.

I think we can all honestly say that we've been here:

Just me? Fine.

Anyway, if you have a like for Japanese culture of any kind and don't mind laughing at yourself or close friends and relatives then this is a comic for you! 

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Adventures of Ninja Bunny by Philip Spence

The Adventures of Ninja Bunny take place generally in a world without words because as we know ninjas do not talk, real ninjas are silent, besides bunnies are too. Ninja Bunny is an incredibly efficient ninja who travels the land in search of adventure. Online it updates one panel at a time, these panels work well on their own or sometimes join together into a story such as the one I purchased from Philip at the MCM Expo, entitled Attack of the Clone.

Ninja bunny is a very enjoyable read, I love the small format of the printed comics and encourage all to sample the wonder that is up on the website.

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