Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Bridge Christmas Arts Bazaar

For a bit of a warm up before Made in Newcastle's very own Christmas Market a few of us (including myself) will be appearing at the Highbridge Art Bazaar this Saturday. It should be a great day, there are many talented folk involved. 

The Facebook Event for your RSVPing and calendar needs:

Where to find me in December:

Made in Newcastle Christmas Market on Sunday the 4th December.

The Canny Comic Con on Saturday the 10th December.

After that who knows.
Hope to catch you all at one event or another, or all. All would be awesome. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thought Bubble

This time next week I will be at Thought Bubble. In preparation I have been busy putting together cards and the like.

These lovely designs will be appearing on my speech bubble cards, which I hope you will all like. I am also putting together a couple sets of blank speech bubbles so that you can make your own live photo comic. These sets will come with a link to a flickr group where you can share your comic and see others. It should be good fun. As long as I get them finished.

I will have copies of my 24 hour comic done in 2010, Not Mushroom for Thought  and a little collection of mini comics. Unfortunately my current comic project is still at the script stage and will not be ready for this years con. I do aim to have it done by Hi-Ex, this will be my first Hi-Ex, good thing I'll have Paul to show me the ropes.

On that note my table buddies for Thought Bubble are Paul Thompson and Cuttlefish. Many of the other Paper Jam Comics Collective regulars will be present. If last year is anything to go by you will probably find most of the Newcastle comics scene on the one row, throwing paper planes and challenging passing artists to 24 minute comics.

It should be good fun. Hope to see you there.